Committed to quality healthcare and a better quality of life for the patients we serve and the clinicians who provide the care.

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LifeSource Mental Health and Primary Care providers offer services in a variety of residential facilities, including nursing homes and assisted living communities. Services include individual psychotherapy, psychiatric medication management and facility-based primary care.

Our psychology providers are PhDs, PsyDs, LCSWs and LISWs that deliver mental health evaluations, staff consultations, and 1:1 therapeutic counseling.

Our psychiatric team is comprised of physicians, physician assistants, family and/or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, who provide psychiatric evaluations and medication management services.

Our Primary Care teams consists of a Physician and Nurse Practitioners who provide routine and acute visits to residents of Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities. Our providers treat residents onsite at the facility and become part of your treatment team.

Our providers visit each facility regularly to treat patients referred for our care, eliminating the need for patients to be transported off-site.

With our corporate office located in Wilmington, NC and local representatives across all states we serve, we look forward to working with you and your staff. As always, we are committed to quality healthcare and a better quality of life for our patients and the clinicians who provide the care!

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Our Services

LifeSource Inc. is a mental health and primary care organization committed to filling a need for services in long term communities throughout various states in the US.


Committed to providing quality onsite care to residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilites.

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Committed to helping patients
attain the best possible
mental health.

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Teaming up licensed providers with sites in their general geographic area to provide quality patient care.

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