LifeSource TA Brandy Colvard Congratulations to Brandi Colvard! Brandi is our Spotlight TA winner for April! Brandi works in the Pensacola area in Florida. She has been working with LifeSource since November of last year. Brandi has really helped bring stability and consistency for our providers and facilities in the area. Merri Schiff, LCSW says: "Brandi is always a pleasure, enthusiastic and an excellent communicator. She approaches the patients with love, kindness, and patience. She is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure the patients are comfortable, have what they need, and allow them their dignity. She is also an excellent liaison between myself, LifeSource, and the facility. We are fortunate to have her!" We all agree! Thank you so much Brandi for everything you continue to do for our facilities, patients, and providers! Congratulations!!

A big thank you to Allie Wood! Allie is one of our newest Telehealth Assistants in Iowa but has hit the ground running and has been doing a wonderful job! She has been very helpful and flexible with our providers. She has been willing to help out whenever asked. She has really been a lifesaver with the additional sessions she has helped us with. Thank you Allie!!

Special appreciation to Trey Irby for his continued dedication to our providers, residents, and facilities. Trey has been with us since September of last year. He was a part of our Western NC TA team and stayed with us when he moved to the Triad area of NC. We hear nothing but wonderful feedback from his providers and facilities. He has been able to really help build rapport with our patients and facility staff while showing dedication with his consistency and reliability. Thank you Trey for all of your hard work!

Thank you to Yolanda Walker for her continued flexibility and helpfulness! Yolanda works in our southern Georgia area and continues to be an asset to our Georgia TA team! Thank you Yolanda!

Shout out to Cheyenne De Jong that has been helping us in the Sioux City, IA area! Cheyenne is newer to our team but has already shown to be a go-getter! We are excited to be growing in that area. Thank you for Cheyenne for all of your hard work!