LifeSource TL Shanna Benton Congratulations to Shanna Benton! She is our Spotlight winner for October! Shanna is based out of the Conyers, GA area. She has been a part of our Telehealth Team since June. Shanna has continued to show her hard work and dedication. Her reliability and dependability have allowed us to continue to grow in her area. Our clinicians have been able to rely on Shanna to always make sure all of their patients are seen. Kenisha Hardy, LCSW shared, "Shanna is very easy going and kind. She really cares about and connects with the patients we visit." Thank you Shanna so much for everything you do everyday for our patients and clinicians! Congratulations!

TL Highlights - October 2021

Kudos to Linda Simons! Linda started a new building with Dr. Bushman last month and Dr. Bushman was singing her praises, "Linda has been great and I love working with her!"

A BIG thank you to Alexandria Lankford for picking up additional sessions though out the month. Alex's flexibility and willingness to help really make a big difference in our ability to provide services. Thank you Alex!

Special appreciation for Rochelle Alexander! Rochelle has helped out this month in a couple of building outside of her normal area. We were able to start a new building this month with her help!

Shout out to Tequila Clemmons! Thank you Tequila for continuing to help out with whatever is needed in your region! Helping with records and covering additional sessions, has been such a huge help!

New TLs - October 2021

I also want to extend a big WELCOME to our new TLs that have started with us since our last Spotlight email! Welcome all! We are excited for you to be a part of our amazing Telehealth Team!

  • Savanna Searcy - WI
  • Vanessa Kent - FL
  • Jazmine Mason - WI
  • Judy Holcombe - SC
  • Katelin Strobel - IA
  • Nyasia Martin - SC
  • Torina Collins - GA
  • Jennifer Ashcraft - IA
  • Kay Yanez - NC
  • Tracie Shriner - NC
  • Rebecca Cassell - NC
  • Shay Johnson - NC
  • Cadasha Pearson - SC
  • Amber-lin Bentley - WI
  • Tracy Gorham - AL
  • Ellen Melendes - WI
  • Shelly Brown - IA
  • Erin Anderson - IA
  • Katie Hardwick - MN
  • Bettye Diatikar - NC

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