LifeSource Spotlight TA Winner


LifeSource TA Angela Ferrera-Doss Congratulations to Alexandria Lankford! Alexandria is our Spotlight TA winner for June! Alexandria has been working in our Eastern North Carolina region since September of last year. Before she joined LifeSource, she started as a CNA in 2003, then made her way up to Med Tech. Alexandria says "she loves people and just wants to be of service." Boy, does that show! Alexandria always goes above and beyond for our providers, facilities, and residents. She is always willing to help when needed, even when it is last minute. Her positive, can-do attitude really makes a difference, every day. Necole Fonville, FNP shared, "She brightens up not only my day, but the patients day as well!" Thank you so much Alexandria for your commitment to LifeSource! Congratulations!

Accolades to Ajah White, Ajah works in our Charleston, SC area. One of our providers shared, "She is professional, reliable, has a very strong work ethic, is easy to work with, and help me to consistently have productive work days... She impacts my work day, for the better."

Shout out to Tamika Simmons Tasha Urbanski shared that Tamika is "very comfortable with the iPad and navigating through LifeNotes. She is organized and professional. She was very helpful is sending Pattie updates on patients who discharged and does not hesitate to jump in to help!" Thank you Tamika for being so great!

A huge appreciation to Melanie Hartman for helping to cover our Cincinnati area this month! You have been a life saver to our providers and facilities in that area!! Thank you Melanie!!

A big shout out to Kizzy Wright for her flexibility and picking up additional time to help in the Dalton, GA area! THANK YOU!!

A special acknowledgement to Stephanie Brown for her RPR and new referral work. She brought one of our buildings from 2 patients to 9 patients. Way to go Stephanie! What a huge difference!

Kudos to Denisee Hairston! Denisee works in our north western region of Georgia. Tasha Urbanski shared, "she was knowledgeable about all of the patients, seems to have a great working relationship with the social worker and has a very positive and happy demeanor overall. She is very organized and comfortable with the staff and patients."

Special recognition for Day'Marie Burton in her problem solving skills! Day'Marie worked in a difficult facility with poor internet connection and facility staff issues. One of her providers shared, "Day'Marie really tried to help in every way she could and it was greatly appreciated."

New TAs - June 2021

I also want to extend a big WELCOME to our new TAs that have started with us in June! We are excited for you to be a part of our Telehealth Team!

  • Kristina Johnson - Alabama
  • Tonya Carter-Locklear - North Carolina
  • Barbara Nkwantabisa - North Carolina
  • Sayyid Grant - Georgia
  • Lynnly Carter - South Carolina
  • Shanna Benton - Georgia
  • Jeanne Batchelder - Florida
  • Julia Swank - Georgia
  • Pam Hill - Georgia

This month we are also very excited to have started our TA Town Hall Meetings! We are so glad that we started this because this allows us to come together as a telehealth team and meet on a regular basis. Thank you again for all of the TAs that were able to attend. We look forward to our next one in August!